I started thinking bigger than myself

Just a relatively short time ago the internet was just a place I went to Google answers to random questions and post updates on Facebook. I was introduced to building e-commerce WordPress sites using drop-shipping and that was my first taste of the business that lurks behind the internet. Admittedly, I was happy to have something I could point to and say this is my business, but didn’t take being an online entrepreneur very seriously at first. Lately the journey I have been on is way more focused. I love the internet and I love that you can become your own boss using it correctly. Now I wake up daily, thinking about the next technique to earn, the next job I can take, the next way to get to a million dollars. I live, sleep, and eat the internet.


Unless you get it, it may be hard to understand what I do

I have similar skills to a lot of other people trying to win on the internet. I understand online marketing & SEO and what is supposed to be done to drive traffic and conversions. I can develop sites on many different platforms and turn out a product clients are ecstatic with. I look at those skills as learned behaviors and I continue to stay on top of what is cutting edge in online marketing and web development. What I have that other people don’t have is the ability to understand audiences to an uncanny level, the ability to convince and influence them, the ability to relate on a deeper level. I can harness demographics, culture, and more. I have the ability to see the future, and many times I wish my skills as a developer would grow as fast as my ideas do. In a world where everyone is a friend or a follower, the key is stay on top of culture by understanding what is holding the society we call the internet together.



Currently, on some projects I work with a team of developers from my company, the CacheTek Agency.


Web Development

I use all the major platforms to develop websites for my clients. Most of my clients are looking for WordPress sites because that’s the growing trend. However, I have worked with Drupal, Shopify, Magento, and all the other major content management systems. I’ve taken courses on developing MVC sites and when clients ask for web applications, or more complicated systems, I head a team of developers (that I hand chose and quality checked) to outsource the work to. I project manage my team to from start to finish, to make sure my clients get the best product.


Business Development

At the core of all this, I am a strategist. For businesses to be successful there has to be a clear and concise plan. It can be difficult, especially with start-ups, for people to run their business and stay on top of what is going to take the business to the next level. My job is to ensure we are doing all the items it takes to grow, and it doesn’t end there. Project management is the next step. I want to see every plan begin, in action, and finish at the goal.


Social Media Strategist

A pretty face never hurt me, I grew my following organically thru trial and error. I love social its the bread to my butter. Creating strategy to grow on social media platforms is truly my passion. It all goes back to understanding the intended audience, being focused on the goal, and understanding how we can drive conversions. Social is not always a place where the next big tech is going to help you, it is about relating to the people, and staying on top of trends in your niche. I know with certainty I can get any person or business to grow on social media.

lauren alyce


I do this for women, & my children

Being someone who came up on social media then was introduced to the business behind the internet, I have been referred to as just another Instagram girl on multiple occasions. Many have doubted my ability to do anything beyond post pictures on social media. Many have looked at my style, my comfort ability with my body, and my outspokenness as a testament to how much I know. Unfortunate for the doubters, I continue to prove them wrong. So I do this for the new age of feminism. For the girls making careers following their passions, for the models who wouldn’t have been discovered without their Instagrams, for the fashion bloggers who made a salary from their Youtube videos, and for all the women who are supporting each other in the new age feminist revolution. We can do it ourselves while being ourselves.

Lauren Alyce
Tyra Banks in the movie Lifesize

For Orion & Eden, for the future

Deeper than that I do this for my children. I want to leave a legacy that they live in, strive to uphold, grow, and do better than. I want my children to see anything is possible with hard work and dedication, and to never give up. No matter what they want to be, I will be there, supporting them, telling them this is how we are going to do it. There is no power in the world, like the power to influence a child.  I want to make sure that what they are absorbing is goal, business, and passion oriented.

The babies on Instagram: @OrionAlexander.PR & @EdenIsabella.PR





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Writing a post on drop-shopping soon!

lauren alyce
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